About Me

 Hello!! My name is Bliss Abraham from Montana and I’d like to welcome you to my humble website www.lowerbackpainreliefinformation.com

lower back pain relief information - about meI work as a Senior Nurse in a Pain Management Center since the last 15 years – believe you me I have LOTS of experience in lower back pain having worked with medical professionals specializing in this field, long suffering patients and have been fighting my own battle with lower back pain over the last 10 years or so.

This website all started as a bit of a joke over dinner one night when my husband Allen teased that I knew “enough about back pain and pain management to write a book on it”. Our two sons Bryan (13) and Jason (10) quickly caught on to the idea and insisted that at least I could make a website! 

Sure, it may not be the best looking website or the most professionally set up but if it can help just one person find relief from the agonizing or constant pain brought on by a lower back problem then it’s been worth it.

I’ve tried to put in all the knowledge and experience I’ve gathered in my nursing career…and sincerely hope that it helps you.

Feel free to contribute by commenting on my articles and pages and let’s build this site into a meaningful resource together.

Thank you so much for your visit today – don’t forget to bookmark us and check back regularly as more and more content is planned.

Good luck with your quest to find lower back pain relief.