Can Thermo-Balancing Therapy Cure Chronic Back Pain? Find Out Now!

thermo-balancing therapyThough no one can really pinpoint any cause, lower back pain seems to plague a majority of people these days… Chronic pain of the back seems to have become passé, and often the usual treatment options bring only temporary relief. In fact in a lot of cases the causes become somewhat obscure and diagnosis becomes difficult!

If the facts don’t convince you, the expert statistics should:

““If you suffer from back pain, you are not alone. In fact, eight out of every 10 North Americans experience back pain at some point in their lives”, states an article. ‘Physio: Chronic pain, including back pain, affects every aspect of our society’, by S. Prosko in Lake Country Calendar, published on October 16, 2012, moreover, research shows that two out of every three people who experience back pain cannot even identify any specific mechanism of injury, saying: “It just happens”.”

And the back pain isn’t all. Research shows that deterioration in reproductive organ health has become another bane of the modern age middle aged and elderly! Prostate cancer, loss of libido and resultant stress and depression is found in a surprising number of people. And where medications and surgeries either fail, or are not possible, there is a miracle treatment that seems to have found its way into the mainstream – Fine treatment.

What is Fine Treatment?

Lower back pain and contributing conditions are usually a little sensitive, and at times you will find different options like exercise etc are contraindicated. And for people just like you who do not wish to only burden your body with drugs, there is the option of Fine Treatment – a mode of treatment in which thermo-elements are embedded in a belt that you need to wear at the affected area. How does it work? According to the thermo-elements

“act locally wherever they are attached to the body. The devices create the ideal conditions for the body’s own natural defence mechanisms to rebuild the damaged tissues.”

In this way the Fine treatment group has been treating various different illnesses and problems like,

  • Prostate
  • Kidney stones
  • Lower vertebrae irregularities and
  • Lower back pain or Sciatica.

And this method of treatment is also frequently called the thermo-balancing technique…

But you must be thinking “It seems to be a “thermo” or heating device, after all…”

Yes, there is no doubt about your interpretation, but fine treatment is a fine-tuned version of it. Heat treatment by itself can have detrimental effects in your body like:

  • High temperatures (anywhere above 40 C) can and will destroy the delicate cells in your body.
  • Other heat treatments eventually cool off.
  • They also create moisture at the point of contact, which can be irritating to the skin.

On the other hand, thermo-balancing creates no extra or high heat. It only builds up the natural heat created by your body and concentrates it at the point where the affected cells lie. In this way the capillaries around the affected organ are fostered to increase the blood flow and thus healing is speeded up.

The concept of thermo-balancing has also been in the news:

So if you have been suffering from lower back pain and are looking for natural options to alleviate the pain, then the verdict on thermo-balancing is positive, and it may assist you in treating your lower back pain as well!