Is Your Lower Back Pain Caused By Kidney Stones? Find Out Now!

kidney stones and back painAre you rendered immobile by lower back pain? Do you get these attacks off and on throughout the day?

Before brushing it off as a result of bad posture or any spinal condition, it is highly important that you find out whether you are suffering from kidney stones!  But don’t panic, you are not alone and majority of Americans above the age of 40 suffer from the same condition!

The National Kidney and Urological Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NKUDIC) opine that anyone can get kidney stones. Further, there are ways you can seek relief from the excruciating pain!

Read on to find out more …

Why is lower back pain often confused with kidney stones pain …

The lower back is a crucial area which is ‘connected’ to most of our movements including that of our legs. Hence it stands a greater chance of getting hurt when we strain ourselves excessively. And so, the causes of lower back pain are confusing to most people. This is mainly because the symptoms of normal lower back pain are very similar to those caused by kidney stones. At least, at the beginning…as the ailment progresses, the pain spells become more sudden and frequent!

Specific traits of lower back pain caused by kidney stones…

While normal lower back pain can be a dull and incessant throbbing, the pain due to kidney stone is sharper, and more pointed. Moreover, if you have kidney stones, your pain will get ‘concentrated’ on your right side. It often spreads to your hips and your groin. Plus, this sort of pain is often accompanied by fever and burning sensations in the urinary tract.

But instead of diagnosing yourself, it is best to turn to professional advice, to ascertain the cause.

Doctors make you go through various scans and medical treatments including surgery. But that is only when your symptoms have been diagnosed!

While doctors usually prescribe various painkillers and antibiotics, following are

3 Ways in which you can find relief from lower back pain due to kidney stones…

  • Natural treatments – You will find various ayurvedic and natural remedies for kidney stones available in the market. These treatments depend on natural herbs and essential oils. You can easily use such oils that are meant for back pains. Back massages give you instant relief from the pain if not alleviating it altogether.
  • Posture – Maintaining a healthy posture is essential in relieving lower back pain. You need not hunch down in front of your computer at work! You can opt for proper back rests and consciously maintain a good sitting and standing posture. You should always keep your back straight. This takes away any additional pressure from your spinal cord, and eases back pain.
  • Exercises –Simple back stretches and meditations can help you ease the discomfort. But you should never do these stretches alone! Always do it under guidance and never hold your stretches beyond the tension point. That might cause your back more harm than good!

But isn’t prevention always better than cure? The best way for it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle! That way you don’t run the chances of kidney stones either!

Important tips to avoid kidney stones and lower back ache…

  • Water — drink plenty of water, at least 8-10 glasses a day. Kidney stones are most often caused because of improper diet, especially lack of fluids. A major role is played by fluids in boosting our excremental system. The kidney is the chief excretory organ, so it is essential that you maintain a healthy kidney. Take as many water breaks as you need! If you can do that, it lessens your chances of kidney stones. And you can automatically avoid lower back pain!
  • Hygiene – Maintain proper hygiene. A healthy toilet and personal hygiene are also key factors to be kept in mind. And don’t hold back when you need to use the washroom! People who do that run a higher risk of kidney stones!

Now you know how you can seek relief from lower back pain because of kidney stones. The way to it is to know the pointers and bid goodbye to kidney stones forever! Lower back pain included!!


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