Say Goodbye To Back Pain From Gas And Constipation

Gas Constipation Back PainLower back pain can often be as a result of gas, constipation or bloating which, in turn, may be down to colon health. Colon cleansing should be a part of everyone’s regular health routine – without maintenance build-ups and digestive matter can get stuck on the walls of and later on release toxic substances that may result in regular bouts of gas, constipation diarrhoea or other health problems. This can be painful, embarrassing, uncomfortable or sometimes things get so bad that it’s hard to even leave the home!

When we say painful we don’t just mean stomach pains, many people report pain in the back, particularly the lower back as a result of excess gas or constipation. It can also occur on an occasional, frequent, or even permanent basis. If this is describes you then perhaps it’s time to do something about it – and we’re not suggesting anything as drastic as colonic irrigation – simply send in the good guys … Bowtrol Probiotics!

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Bowtrol Probiotic is a specifically formulated solution to resolve all those unsettling stomach problems and to target the pains, including back pain, associated with gas and constipation. Probiotics are amazing things and this supplement makes use of these live bacteria to improve digestion, balance bacteria level and form a protective barrier around the intestines to protect it against pathogens. These live bacteria closely resemble the ones already present in the digestive system so it is very safe and gentle to use.

Taking probiotics are a healthy way to get rid of bad bacteria in the system caused by the amounts of genetically modified and processed foods that are so common in everyone’s diet nowadays. Bowtrol Probiotic contains 9 billion of these live bacteria per dosage, which is 5 times than what is normally present in a serving of yogurt. All this minus all the sugar, calories, and processed ingredients usually present in these flavored products.

Bowtrol is mainly a bowel movement enhancer that helps solve pesky digestive problems like constipation, gas, and bloating without the embarrassing loose stool or cramping that other colon cleansing products cause. This will mean that any stomach or back pain associated with gas or bowel movements will be a thing of the past. In addition, its all-natural ingredients help improve colon health as well.

What’s so great about this colon cleansing supplement is that it is infused with organic ingredients that are gentle to the colon. Bowtrol Probiotic includes Cascara Sagrada, a mild herbal laxative that improves stool function and evacuation while balancing hormone levels. Other than being friendly to the colon, it also improves function of the pancreas, gallbladder, and liver as well.

Bentonite clay is another mild laxative and regulatory agent. It works by absorbing water and forming a gel which traps the toxins and expels them out of the body. By encapsulating the toxins inside the gel, it prevents the body from further absorbing these harmful chemicals.

Turkey Rhubarb, on the other hand, helps best with constipation and gas problems. The herb is considered a good intestinal cleanser and small dosages of it have been proven to help reduce constipation and improve digestion all while helping clean the lymph system. It works in pair with slippery elm or ulmus rubra which is a digestive soother and detoxifier. It helps draw out toxic substances, soothes tissues, and calm the stomach, mucus membranes, and intestines.

Other ingredients used in this colon cleanser are Flax Seeds, Senna, Aloes, Wormseed, Black Seeds, Olive Leaf Extract, Peppermint, Certified Organic Clove, and Thyme Oil Powder.

Moreover, in addition to just helping with colon cleansing and stomach problems, this product is also claimed to help improve the body as well! Bowtrol Probiotic also helps reduce water retention to get rid of that uncomfortable bloated feeling while providing an energy boost. Even better, it is said to give healthier hair and clearer skin too … it just gets better and better doesn’t it!

Bowtrol Probiotic also offers detoxification benefits as well. For those who want to lose weight in addition to improving their digestive system, this supplement can also help shed those extra pounds. By lessening water retention and improving bowel movement, it can help drop quite a few unwanted pounds. And though some of this weight will be gained once more after the detox diet, with proper exercise, users can get just the right kickstart they need to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

As for the cons, there are very few reported side-effects of this colon-cleansing supplement from its users. Some claimed to have experienced headaches which are likely caused by dehydration. However, this can be easily solved by using the right dosage of the product. Taking 3 capsules before going to bed is already enough for those who are just starting to take it.

If no side-effects are observed, the dosage can be increased every couple of days with a maximum of 8 pills per day depending on the level of cleansing needed by the user. This product is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women or those under the age of 18.

So, if you’re thinking that your back pain may be associated with gas, constipation or other bowel problems then why not take advantage of a two free bottle offer of Bowtrol Probiotic and try it for yourself. Click Here for more information >>>


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