What Are Your Choices For Lower Back Pain Medication Over The Counter?

lower back pain over the counter medicationDo you wake up with a crippling lower back pain? Most Americans aged 45 and above share your pain! Although you cannot cure that back pain with painkillers, you certainly can seek relief! That’s what all those analgesics commercially available do! Here is a list of your choicest options of lower back pain over the counter medication.

What does “over the counter medication” mean to you?

The first pain medicines that you can turn to are over- the-counter NSAIDs. Analgesics that you can purchase from you local druggist without a prescription are called Over the counter drugs. They are Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Advil and Acetaminophen. You usually refer to the latter as Tylenol.

NSAIDs contain Naprosyn that can treat most pains effectively. They also reduce inflammation and fever caused by your lower back pain. Tylenol also relieves pain but unlike NSAIDs, it can’t reduce inflammation in your lower back.

The Much Awaited List of Your OTC Choice of Analgesics:

Here is a list of your alternatives for tackling that persistent lower back pain:

  • Aspirin – It is the age-old painkiller. It is an NSAID and can effectively reduce your lower back pain and check the inflammation. Aspirin holds back the production of prostaglandins. It is a chemical in your body, which is short-lived and causes inflammation and pain. Aspirin can have serious side effects like gastric and cardiovascular problems in rare instances! More Info >>>
  • Tylenol – It is your most frequented painkiller commercially available. If you suffer from mild lower back pain, Tylenol gives you temporary and effective relief. You can easily avail it if you are suffering from muscle strains or even arthritis. Tylenol checks the production of a chemical in your brain that gives out pain signals to your central nervous system. It also has a cooling effect as it checks the production of prostaglandins. It plays an important role in regulating your brain’s heat regulating center. However, alcohol and Tylenol don’t mix. Nor should you have it if you have liver problems. More Info >>>
  • Motrin, Nuprin, Advil, and Ibuprofen – If you have tenderness and swelling in your lower back, you can take ibuprofen. It works wonders for most back pains; you can even alleviate arthritis pain with Ibuprofen. It is an NSAID and thus checks the inflammation of your back as well! But like most NSAIDs it can cause stomach upsets and cardiovascular issues in some cases. They work in the same manner as Aspirins and Tylenol in checking the pain registering chemical prostaglandin in your brain. More Info >>>
  • Aleve – Aleve is an NSAID; its core active element is Naproxen. This relieves your pain and checks the inflammation of your back. Research proves that it is effective for all types of backaches. This includes muscular pains as well as arthritic pains and pain due to spondylitis. It suppresses the production and function of prostaglandins that alerts your brain about the pain you are suffering. It shares the common side effects like its counterparts. Such side effects include gastric and cardiovascular problems. More Info >>>

Now you know which over the counter drugs you can choose from to relieve that lower backache. But don’t take the analgesics randomly, do consult your doctor! Else, you might suffer from serious side effects!

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