13 Alternative Remedies For Back Pain Just For You!

alternative remedies for back painHas lower back pain made you a self-imposed social outcast? Don’t feel like getting out of bed at all? And even then, chances are that you are not really comfortable even in bed! Don’t be depressed! You are not alone, and you have options to deal with it.

There are a variety of reasons for back pain. Are you thinking it’s unfair that there aren’t as many things to do about it? Then take heart, and just scroll down for the magical world of alternative remedies for back pain that you can try out…

Alternative remedies for back pain

If yours is a case of severe pain, you probably have already tried out over-the-counter drugs to lessen the pain. They do work, but they are at best, temporary, and they have their share of side effects.

The good news is that, alternative ways to alleviate the pain does exist! Read on…

1. Stay active. Bed rest may make you feel better in the beginning, but it only reduces your muscle tone and flexibility, so that when you finally try to get up, the pain is worse!

2. Yoga under expert supervision gives you stability and flexibility.

3. Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation is known to bring relief.

4. Back massages done by a therapist can also help.

5. Acupuncture is one of the best known options, which brings great relief when done properly.

6. Physical Rehabilitation, guided by an expert is your thing if inactivity has already worsened your condition.

7. Capsaicin Cream, the active ingredient extracted from chili peppers, topically applied provides pain relief.

8. Vitamin D deficiency can cause severe muscle pains. If this is the case with you, then Vitamin D replacement can help.

9. Music is known to have a therapeutic effect as it relieves anxiety and depression.

10. Vitamin B12 boosts your body’s self-repairing qualities.

11. Willow Bark has been long known to have analgesic properties.

12. Magnesium is efficacious. It maintains nerve and muscle functions.

13. Infrared Treatment is also very effective.

A word of caution: It is important to investigate any incidence of Back Pain carefully, as it may result from physical disorders such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis, spondylosisthesis, osteoporosis or a tumor. Herniated discs create pressure on the spinal nerves. This can produce pain and tingling. Since, in all these cases your nerves are affected or there has been some form of degeneration, it is a matter for your doctor to treat and should not be initially treated at home.

A word on Infra-red Treatments: Are they for you?

Infra-red treatment is something that anyone can consider. It is effective for chronic back pain, lower back pain and lumbar pain, and does not have any known side-effects. Sounds interesting?

Infra-red heating pads provide radiant heat that penetrates much deeper into your body than traditional heating pads. It expands the capillaries and blood vessels increasing blood flow. This heals the inflamed areas, and relaxes the muscles and joints.

It gets even better! Infra-red heating pads are not like ordinary heating pads. Since the rays produce heat inside your body, and do not heat the air, you will feel only gentle warmth that you will have no problem withstanding.

In case you have acute pain in your lower back, you may consider infra-red heating pads for quick relief. They are available in a variety of sizes, full body or half, which is adequate for your entire back. Infra-red heating pads, together with other long term alternative therapies, can not only give you relief, but also provide you with a whole new pain-free outlook towards life!