3 Popular Therapies For Effective Relief When Back Pain Is Caused Due To Muscle Imbalance

muscle imbalance lower backSuddenly, you realize that your world has shrunk, your activities have become limited and you don’t appreciate the passing days as you used to? You don’t love shopping anymore and after spending the day at work all you want to do is come back home! What has changed in you? It is nothing but lower back pain! But why are you letting it dictate your life? Do not ignore it and let it inflate manifold. Instead, a good option will be to conform to the Muscle Balance Therapy. But before you indulge in it, you need to learn

Why Does Muscle Imbalance Develop?

Chances are that your back pain is caused due to muscle imbalance and you don’t even know about it. Regardless of sex, age or level of fitness all of us have muscle imbalance to some degree.

It occurs in case you have overdeveloped and tightened muscles in one area of your body while the other muscles are either weak or stretched out of their normal positions. Even your routine jobs, sports or other activities can precipitate this imbalance.

So, now that you have an idea on muscle imbalance, don’t you want to know…

What is Muscle Balance Therapy?

This therapy is in fact an innovative way of eliminating the back pain permanently. It starts with a careful assessment of the muscles that support your hips, spine and pelvis from both strength and flexibility point of view. Through these assessments, problem areas are detected and steps are taken to correct them.

You will be performing exercises that appear unbalanced because in this way your body will go back to functioning at its best.

Then there is…

Apart from muscle balance therapy, you can also partake of the Whole Body Vibration for treating back pains like fibromyalgia. Here the patient is required to stand on a platform that vibrates or shakes the body up and down. It is a passive treatment which is easy to perform and… it actually helps!

But in order to reap the maximum benefits out of it, you are required to do perform regular exercises simultaneously.

The Final therapy

The final therapy for your back pain is the inversion therapy. This therapy works in association with the inversion table which not only gently stretches the muscles for providing better blood and oxygen supply but also brings all the muscles together for better body alignment.


Your hips, and back along with knees and ankles will pain if you use the inversion table for prolonged period. There are also chances of eye damage and even strokes and heart attacks as inversion results in increased blood pressure and decreased heart rate. Thus, you need to be careful about its usage and be aware that you are not over-using it.

Find out which of these three therapies will suit you the most and get started with it. You cannot afford to delay any further. So, take a step forward and bid your back pain adieu!!