4 Less- Known Factors Of Chronic Lower Back Pain That You Probably Didn’t Think Of!!

lower back pain factorsSo, it has been three whole months since you’ve been feeling like a ‘bundle’ of pain? Right from the first yawn in the morning, you feel an ‘adamant barrier’ to your movements… It gets difficult to even step down from the bed… And how you wish you could somehow magically get rid of this pain some day! Pills, therapies have failed to make an impression and moreover, you have just now been told that your pain has now risen to chronic back pain.

Following are 4 possible factors…which you probably didn’t think of earlier. Find out if…

Is an epidural causing your chronic lower back pain?

It may be the case that you just had a baby and while in labor, you were given epidural anesthesia to alleviate the pain. Some physicians believe that there might be a relation between that epidural and the rise of your chronic lower back pain. A 2001 British study claimed that several months after child birth, severe back pain can be experienced at the site of the injection.

Another study conducted by Howell, however said that epidural is not connected with chronic back pain. In fact, since backache of those mothers who received epidural analgesia was less acute, they indulged in poor postures that actually resulted in backaches. Thus, as can be delineated, more and thorough research is required for concluding if epidural is instrumental in lower back pain.




Is your past drug use causing chronic lower back pain?

Your approach to chronic pain management often depends on your past medical history, which will include history of intravenous drug use. This diagnosis is important because info gathered from clinical history and physical examination influence therapeutic choices. It also helps in deciding on laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging, and specialist referral.

Is chronic nerve damage of the lower lumbar a cause of your chronic back pain?

The answer is yes! The nerves of the lumbar spine can be irritated or damaged because of the mechanical pressure by the bones or other tissues or from past diseases. The conditions include lumbar disc disease, inflammation of the nerves caused by any viral infection and also from bony encroachment.

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Is your hypothyroidism a cause of your lower-back pain?

Hypothyroidism causes weakening of the bones which can lead to further risks of fracture in the spine. Therefore, although hypothyroidism is not a common cause of lower back pain nor does it cause lower back pain directly, but the probability remains.

So, in the end all that can be said is that there are some less-known causes of lower back pain, like those mentioned above. Knowledge of these is important because you never know that ‘unknown cause’ may be your cause! And in those cases, if you treat those causes, your chronic lower back pain gets effectively treated.