Bounce Back From Lower Back Pain With An Exercise Ball!

Exercise Ball For Lower Back PainWith lower back pain, your world comes to a standstill. You try different pain management techniques but when it comes to ‘killing’ that excruciating pain, all of them draw a blank. Well before you give up and let that agonizing pain dictate your life, try an exercise ball! When it comes to relieving that chronic pain, an exercise ball is definitely worth its salt and can have you up and going in no time!

Before you learn about the various types of exercises that you can perform with an exercise ball, you should know its benefits.

The benefits of using an exercise ball

If you have lower back pain, using an exercise ball, like the Gymnic Plus Burst-Resistant Exercise Ball, Black (65 cm), will give you the following benefits:

  • You can start moving again in a simple yet versatile way after a back pain episode.
  • It improves your muscle strength.
  • The ball renders superior flexibility and better range of motion of the spine.
  • While you use an exercise ball, the improved balance and co-ordination of the core muscles stabilize the spine and render proper posture, thus reducing stress on your lower back.
  • You are likely to develop an enhanced inclination to maintain a neutral spine position while exercising.
  • The purpose of many Swiss ball exercises is to bring motion to the spine in a controlled manner which will result in a nourished disc.

You can enjoy all these benefits, if you perform the correct exercises.

Exercises with an exercise ball

To find relief for your lower back pain, you can perform the following exercises. Hope the embedded video will help you perform them better.

Pelvic Tilt Crunch:

Here are some stretches that you can perform too.

There are thousands of other exercises that you can perform like BOSU ball balance trainers, BAPS Boards, Dynadiscs, Pods, weights, weighted balls, Therabands, medicine balls, etc.

But in order to significantly reduce the pain in your back, it is recommended that you use the exercise ball regularly.

gofit pro exercise ballYou can also practice ergonomic lifting with the exercise ball.

You can use the ball as a replacement of the chair you use at your home or work. All these will keep your back in proper position, so that nuisances like an aching back don’t arise.

exercise ball for back painAll said and done, for a useful exercise, you will definitely require a good exercise ball. And you can have your wishes answered in the form of Gymnic Plus Burst-Resistant Exercise Ball, Black (65 cm).

This 65 cm ball can be used by users from 5’6” to over 6’ in height (other sizes are available). It is a …

  • Health club quality ball
  • A training DVD accompanies to train you in core performance
  • It has super thick walls making it durable, so that it can be used for commercial uses also.
  • Use it to reduce pain and have a more active lifestyle.

Purchase a quality exercise ball, get started with the exercises and bid adieu to that darned pain! Find out more – Click Here >>>


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