Easy Tips On Tracking And Avoiding Pain Triggers

back pain triggersSo it is that darned back pain again! Curses on the day that you started having that chronic lower back pain! But then, wouldn’t you be keen to know the factors triggering that inconsolable backache? Better still, how about if you get your hands on the secret methods that can keep your pain at bay? Wouldn’t you just love that!!

We know, so here you are, lower back pain triggers and what keeps them away! 🙂

But before that…

What is typically described as a lower back pain, and can it become chronic?

Lumbago, better known to us as Lower back pain is a musculoskeletal disorder that afflicts at least 80% of people in U.S alone at some point of time or the other in their lives.  The most common contributors behind this pain are usually work -related problems and in more serious cases, accidents and spinal issues that precipitate lower back pain.

Lower back pain can be classified as acute and chronic cases of back pain. The pain is labeled acute when it continues for 4 weeks or more. But the moment the discomfort and pain stretches beyond 3 months, it becomes a case of chronic lower back pain. And the pain keeps increasing in intensity progressively over time.
Common triggers or causes of lower back pain:

As you grow older, bone and muscle strength starts depleting, and your spinal discs start losing fluids that aid flexibility. All these factors contribute to various problems, lower back pain being the most prominent.

Lower back pain can be an effect of many things, most common are muscle injuries and muscle tear due to stretching. Sometimes organ abnormalities like kidney issues or gas and abnormal bloating of the abdomen etc. can put pressure on your spine and bring about a case of chronic lower backache.  Such pain is known as ‘referred pain’ in medical lingo. Apart from that, lower back pain is a common occurrence during pregnancy.

So the first step is to identify the trigger! Get to the root of the problem that can range anywhere between the following…

  • Injury: The most common trigger is a muscle injury from undue stretching or killing work conditions like sitting for hours before the computer! Joint pain and ligament issues can also effectuate a severe case of insistent lower back pain.
  • Herniated disc: When degenerating spinal discs lose spinal fluid, it affects your spine and causes herniated disc. This affects important nerve centers and causes tremendous lower backache. Abnormal stretching or strain on the spine while lifting heavy items causes herniated discs.
  • Osteoarthritis: It is a part of growing old for most people. Joint problems precipitate lower back pain very easily and they can even make you walk with abnormal pressure on other parts of your body to compensate for the problem area. This brings about another bout of lower back pain due to undue pressure on your spine and hips.
  • Spondylitis and spinal deformities that come about with age also trigger lower back pain. Spondylitis is a condition where a spinal disc slips onto another. Spinal deformities and fractures, narrowing of the spinal canal with age are all important lower back pain triggers.
  • Disease and their side effects: Sometimes infections in the body can leave detrimental side effects like spinal deformities and even spinal tumor. A spinal surgery gone wrong can also precipitate chronic low backache.
  • Other factors: include genetically brittle bones, scoliosis, and disc tear etc.

How to avoid lower back pain triggers:

There are a few simple things that you can incorporate and get rid of most low back pain triggers at the root. Here’s a few of them for you…

  • Exercise to maintain overall health can effectively reduce the chances of majority lower back pain triggers. Keeping fit is the key to avoid most old age problems that lead to chronic and acute lower back pain. Obesity and sedentary lifestyles can germinate many lower backache problems.
  • Sleeping postures matter a lot when it comes to avoiding and controlling back pain triggers. Try to sleep with a pillow in between your knees while lying on your side to get relief from many back pain triggers.
  • Protect your back when you sleep, or when you try to lift heavy things. Wear flat shoes to avoid aggravating your lower back pain.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking hinders proper blood circulation and this causes a lot of joint and spinal problems. Smoking also increases your pain sensitivity.

Now you know the major lower back pain triggers and more importantly, the ways to avoid those triggers! So practise them and rid your life of that annoying lower back pain! 🙂