How To Increase Efficiency At Work By Alleviating Lower Back Pain?

relifIs that searing back pain making it hard for you to kick start your day? Is the very thought of enduring the pain throughout the long working hours making you shudder? Unfortunately enough, lower back pain has become a way of life with certain professionals, including factory workers and even typical 9-5 office goers. When it comes to lower back pain at work, your mind can get preoccupied with too many queries. But why worry when you can find all answers here?

What Can You Use To Avoid Lower Back Pain At Work?

There are certain things that you can equip yourself with to not have pain in your lower back at your workplace. These include:

  • It is extremely important to sit on ergonomic chairs that help to maintain the natural curves of the spine. However, if your company doesn’t arrange for ergonomic office chairs, you can also bring a pillow from home and place it behind your back and the trick will be done.
  • You should also let your feet rest lightly on floor. If you have a short stature, then you should use a footrest.

Moreover, you SHOULD NOT sit in your desk chair for sustained periods of time. This can put too much pressure on your spine. Try to take a short walk after every half hour, even if it is around or to the printer or water cooler.

What Should You Do If You Have Developed Lower Back Pain By Working At The Computer All Day?

Sitting at the computer for hours can make your back pain even worse. However, the severity of the condition can be avoided with some simple “good” practices.

  • Try to adjust your chair in a manner so that your knees remain equal to, or a little lower than your hips.
  • You should press your hips as far back as you can manage to go in the chair.
  • Avoid craning your body to reach the keyboard. Keep it in a position so that it remains in front of your body.
  • You need to adjust your documents and monitor in a position so that your neck remains in a relaxed position. Faulty positioning of the computer screen can lead to “bad” postures.
  • You can also exercise your hand in the following way. Push on the top of your fingers, and use backward resistance movement.

Why Do You Have Lower Back Pain After Being On Your Feet At Work All Day?

This can be an indication of mild degenerative alterations to the lumbar spine. The pain you are suffering after being on feet all day can occur due to poor posture and excessive lifting.

What Can Help You To Relieve Back Pain From Standing On Hard Floors At Work?

The different ways by which you can avert this condition include:

  • Switching to comfortable shoes from their high-heeled counterparts.
  • Having adequate arch support to cut down the stress on lower back.

However, you should consult your physician if the back pain persists.

What Can Give You Momentary Relief From Back Pain While You Are At Work?

Though regular exercise may give you a welcome relief from the agonizing backache, you cannot perform them just about anywhere and everywhere.  Hence, if backache recurs while you are at work, you can try the following to have temporary relief from the agonizing pain.

  • Pop in some mild painkillers.
  • Certain homeopathic medicines can also do the trick for you. They are, in fact, effective and devoid of side effects.
  • You can also dab on some pain ointment.

Now that you know how to cope with Lower back pain at work, hopefully you will be able to deal with it even better.