How Yoga Can Banish Lower Back Pain?

yoga back pain
Spikes of pain battering your lower back often reduce you to infirmity and subsequently, tears. Neither medication nor exercise seems to relieve the searing pain in your back. Some more brainstorming sessions as you seek to find out ways to alleviate the pain and the word ‘yoga’ pops up in your mind! However, you don’t find yourself willing to enroll into an expensive yoga center. Well, don’t despair! Instead try the following ways to practice yoga within the comforts of your home.

The first thing that you need to know is…

Which yoga positions will be good for your back pain?

Following are some yoga poses that will be of much help to your back pain.

Downward-facing Dog: This total body stretch focuses on back extensors or those large muscles which aid in forming the lower back, support the spine and help in standing and lifting objects.

Child’s Pose: It is an active stretch that helps elongate the back.

Pigeon Pose: It stretches the hip flexors and rotators.

Triangle Pose: This strengthens the back and legs. It also helps in elongating the muscles along the sides of the torso and stretching the muscle fibers along the outer hip.

Cat and Cow Pose: This is an ideal pose which loosens the back muscles.

Upward-Facing Dog: This upward-forward bend extends the back muscles and hamstrings and releases the tight, tense shoulders at the same time.

For further understanding, the following video illustrates 3 yoga poses for your aching back.

But suppose your back pain is caused by scoliosis. In that case…

What will be the ideal yoga poses for back-pain caused by scoliosis?

Side bending is a pose that helps in back pain caused by scoliosis. It not only extends the flank but can also help to work on the muscles that are affected by postural conditions.

But for better understanding, the Yoga Healing program will be a good option. This program provides is described as “a holistic practice that addresses the mind, body and the soul. We allow our bodies to build strength gently while working to heal our nervous system and mental space.”

In short…with Yoga for Healing you will build strength, enhance joint movement, gain flexibility AND relax, modify and take things at your pace.

Now, let us assume that you have Endometriosis. Don’t you want to know…

Can yoga help your Endometriosis (lower back) pain?

Yoga definitely helps in endometriosis pain. It promotes relaxation and also keeps you fit. But you are required to follow it daily to see the effects.

Care for some extensive help with the yoga poses? Let the following video help you out.

Pregnant women too can get lower back pain, quite obviously. But are there…

Any special yoga poses for 6 months pregnant with lower back pain?

A lot of things can put a strain on your spine, when you are pregnant. These include hormonal changes, weight gain and the baby’s growth and repositioning. Some yoga poses can really help you out. Poses like Cat/Cow Pose, Child’s Pose, and Downward-facing Dog Pose can do the needful.

We will end the discussion with a major and common question.

Should we continue yoga with a painful lower back?

Yoga helps in alleviating your lower back pain. However, improper posture can result in more back pain rather than helping you out. It is therefore necessary that you are not too much aggressive with your yoga posture.

For more help in teaching you the right yoga postures, there is the Yoga Healing program. With this, you can learn how to restore proper function to your sore back and exercises that will increase mobility and reduce pain. Check it out >>>

So now that you have got all your questions answered, it is time to bid a sweet adieu to your lower back pain!