Know the Basics Of Trigger Point Therapy For Instant Pain Relief!!

Trigger Point TherapyIt’s that damn hip pain again! It really freaks you out when a painful hip floors you on some of the most important days. Now pain doesn’t choose its timing, so you can’t help that, but you can apply trigger point therapy and rid yourself of that annoyance.

What is a trigger point?

A trigger point or a trigger site refers to hyperirritable muscle knots. When a particular muscle is used excessively, it’s likely that some of the muscle fibers become taut and tense in a state of contraction. These are the trigger points that can cause pain in other parts of the body. Such pain distribution has no rigid pattern but the trigger points can be located easily. When you apply pressure to such trigger points, you can effectively reduce the pain.

trigger point therapyIs self-trigger point therapy an option for that hip pain?

When you sit at the computer for hours, or walk and move your calf muscles continuously for a long period, you can develop hip pain. But you can eliminate trigger points through constant and frequent massages. This is best when you do it yourself; you know exactly how much pressure can be applied without hurting yourself.

You can do a self-trigger point therapy with a variety of devices to treat that hip pain. You can make use of tennis balls, back knobbers, foam rollers and the like.

You can ‘roll’ on them to channelize the pressure and ease that muscle pain.

But you need to be careful lest you put too much pressure on the trigger points. If too much pressure is applied, it might aggravate your pain instead of curing it.

How is trigger point therapy different from Pressure point Therapy?

Medical professionals often use trigger point therapy and pressure point therapy interchangeably. Trigger point therapy is used to get rid of pain generated from trigger points. Such trigger points create a neuromuscular response that sends stimuli to your brain about a certain pain at a certain part of your body. The muscles around the trigger point guard the hurt area and the pain can be treated by applying pressure on those trigger points.

When it comes to pressure points, they are nearly the same as trigger points. But trigger points hurt when pressed. Instead, with pressure points the pain can be eased by means of acupressure. You can apply pressure with the help of your hand, elbow, or other devices on the pressure points on your body. These are not necessarily the trigger points. That means you regulate the flow of blood by pressing the pressure points to relieve the pain. And pressure point therapy can also treat a lot more than pain.

What’s the difference between Trigger point therapy and prolotherapy?

When it comes to prolotherapy, and trigger point therapy, you inject fluid into the problem area. This way you deliver a direct trauma to the painful area and that causes WBCs to rush to the area and effect a release.

Prolothrearpy takes trigger point therapy even further. Prolotherapy introduces an irritant into your system thereby attacking the problem area in order to cure it.

How effective are trigger point injections?

During trigger point therapy, especially when you use a needle, you insert an injection into the problem point. The injection can deliver a local anesthetic to the trigger points. This alleviates the pain and brings relief. But, the relief is only temporary and the effectiveness of such trigger point injections is still being researched.

Further, you might develop allergies due to the fluid thus injected into your system.

Now that you know the basics of trigger point therapy, use it effectively to get instant relief!