Lower Back Pain Causing Pelvic Pain: Is It Common?

Lower Back Pain Relief - Pelvic PainDo you find a bolt of pain searing through your pelvis?  Would you be surprised if you found out that your lower back pain is actually causing the pelvic pain? Don’t be…

Any pain that you feel in the abdominal region, below your belly button is pelvic pain. Pelvic pain together with back pain is more common in women than in men. It may be caused by a host of factors – some that need to be treated by a doctor at the earliest.

What could be the reasons for lower back pain causing pelvic pain?

There are certain conditions where pain in your lower back can cause pain in your pelvic region:

  • Muscular Injury: If you have injured a muscle in your lower back it can lead to pain in the pelvic region. The usual causes are strains, pulls or sprains in the muscles or ligaments in the lower back, when you feel pain in the pelvic region.
  • Pinched Nerves (Sciatica): Nerves in the lower back and abdominal region can get pinched due to various causes like spinal arthritis, herniated discs, abnormal spinal curvature, facet joint deterioration, vertebral slippage or ligament hypertrophy. A pinched nerve can cause pain that radiates outward into the pelvis.
  • Central Spinal Stenosis: Certain varieties may cause pain in both your lower back as well as the pelvic region.
  • If you have been suffering from pain in both your lower back and your pelvis during only certain activities, consult a doctor at the earliest. It can be caused by undetected Scoliosis, a case of unnatural curving of the spine.

In most cases, if you have any of the above conditions, inactivity and leading a sedentary lifestyle will only make matters worse.

How can I be sure the pain in my pelvis is being caused by my back?

The only way to be sure of that is to consult your doctor. Especially, if you are a woman, then it is more likely to be the other way around. Women have a much more complex anatomy, and therefore, many more complications. Any problems with your reproductive system will manifest itself as pelvic pain, which may radiate to the lower back!

Pay Attention: If you are a pregnant woman and in the third trimester of your pregnancy, then you need to see your obstetrician at the earliest. It is neither your back, nor your pelvis, it is your baby! You are probably going into labor or there are some complications.

So, how can you be certain that it is your lower back that needs to be treated? You must first eliminate all other possible causes for the pelvic pain one by one.

Is it a common occurence?

If you are a man, then yes, it is common, as there aren’t too many causes for pelvic pain in your anatomy. Muscular injury or other spine related cause is probably the culprit.

However, if you are a woman, then you need to seriously consider the method of elimination.

In either case, it is best to consult your physician, to find out the actual cause. However, in most cases, pelvic pain caused by lower back is not life threatening, so don’t worry. Be optimistic and rely on your doctor for the right diagnosis!


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