Exercise Balls To Relieve Your Lower Back Pain

exercise balls to relieve lower back painThe most frequent question that I get asked by my patients, apart from how soon their lower back pain will go away, is what equipment they need to buy so that they can conform to a successful exercise regimen. While answering this question, it suddenly hit my mind that may be some of my readers also have the same query. So, today I am going to tell you about exercise balls.

An exercise ball will do you a lot of good. It will strengthen your core as well as promote your flexibility and coordination and motor skills. When you place yourself on the top of the exercise ball, your body will constantly make adjustments to remain in a balanced position even though the adjustments are hardly noticeable at times. In this way a large group of muscles will get worked out constantly, which will indirectly and positively affect the lower back.

I wanted to give you the best idea regarding this equipment, so I did an extensive background check on various exercise balls available in the market. It is at Amazon.com that I came across the ideal ones. And I am going to tell you extensively about these exercise balls according to the consumer support that each of them have achieved.

Let’s straightaway talk about the first ball, the CalCore Fitness Brand Professional Physio Ball Chair For Office and Home. The specialty of this ball devised by a group of doctors, physical therapists and engineers and is that it will not only relieve but will also prevent lower back pain. Given below are some of the exciting features of this ball:

  • This ball with office chair has an ergonomic design that will let you sit up accurately so that you can strengthen your abdominal muscles, relieve the tensions at around the neck area and thus comfortably and naturally sit for hours.
  • This chair is accompanied with the egg ball that can be removed and used as an exercise ball.
  • The seat’s height is adjustable within the range of 17” to 24”. Use the provided hand pump to inflate or deflate it.
  • It is supported by a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Despite being a fresh product, it has achieved the highest rating of 5 stars at Amazon.

I would particularly recommend this product to students, computer professionals, home office workers and all those who have a neck and back problem. Even children who need to learn how to develop a proper posture can take the help of this chair. Find Out More >>>

Next I would love to talk about the Max Fitness 65cm Exercise Ball with Foot Pump (Various Colours). You can take this exercise ball with you to wherever you go or use it conveniently at your home. Irrespective of whether you are a seasoned athlete or new to this fitness world, this exercise ball is bound to enhance your workout results. It is one of the most convenient exercise balls and is equipped with the following features.

  • This ball will sculpt, tone and chisel your abs, arms, thighs and shoulders and similar other muscles.
  • It leaves noticeable impact on your agility, core strength and balance.
  • It is also ideal for stretching, toning and strengthening exercises.
  • It is totally impact-free on joints; and is therefore designed for all skill levels.
  • It comes inclusive of an easy-to-use foot pump.
  • This exercise ball of 75cm easily accommodates users having a height of up to 6 feet and 3 inches.
  • It is safe to use and durable too.
  • It has received a high rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 at the Amazon review section.

Time and again, it has helped my patients a lot and I am forever indebted to it. There was no way I could leave it out of the list. Find Out More >>>

The next exercise ball of our concern is the Sivan. Adjustable Back Exercise Ball Chair – Free Pump. This exercise ball has been out in the market for quite some time now and is stuffed with amazing features.

  • The seat-back of this ball, helps you to relax while leaning back, as do you do in a regular office chair. You may even place it on your lower back so that additional support can be provided to help you achieve a proper and upright sitting position.
  • As a part of an added benefit, the 52 cm exercise ball comes with a free measuring tape and a start up pump.
  • This is the only chair in the market of its type that has a weight-bearing and adjustable seat back that can be adjusted from 32” to 34”.
  • The rolling base of the chair has 4 wheels, of which 2 are lockable.
  • It measures 21″W x 22″D; and before being seated be certain that the ball is properly inflated at 25″H.
  • It has gathered a high rating of 4 stars out of 5 from its consumers at Amazon.com.

Consumers till date have always given a positive feedback while talking about this exercise ball. I hope that with its features now known, many of my readers would love to use this exercise ball cum chair as an alternative option to their work or sitting chair. Find Out More >>>

The final exercise ball I am going to talk about is  Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit (65cm). Though not a highly rated product, it has got some amazing features that might help you with your lower back pain. Let us have a look at them:

  • This exercise ball works out the abs, back, hips, glutes, arms, and similar other muscles.
  • The DVD workouts are designed by Tanja Djelevic, a fitness expert. These workouts will challenge your body, and sculpt and tone it.
  • The DVD in its first segment focuses 20 minutes each on the upper and lower body as well as the abs; there is also a 50 minute workout designed for the beginners.
  • This is a medium 65-Centimeter ball for heights ranging in between 5-Feet 6-Inch to 5-Feet 11-Inch.
  • It is made up of anti-burst ingredients and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.
  • The ball has no adverse effects on the joints.
  • Apart from the DVD, inflation pump and resistance band also come with the exercise ball.
  • It is also available in a small size of 55 cm and a large size of 75 cm.
  • It has achieved a good rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 at Amazon.

As you can see for yourself, this exercise ball has got some potential. And with the workout regimen being provided to you, you can hope to reap the best advantages out of it. Find Out More >>>

I have seen my patients benefiting maximum by using exercise balls. The intensity of lower back pain has reduced to a large extent. In this regard, I would like to say that your body may require some time in getting accustomed to sitting on the ball. Therefore, start with 10 or 15 minutes on the ball per day and then slowly increase the time. But it is always better to consult a physician beforehand, as he can give you the best remedies to provide relief from lower back pain.