The McKenzie Method: One Lower Back Pain Cure You Shouldn’t Be Missing Out On!

The McKenzie MethodThe moment you wake up, you have excruciating pain skewering through your lower back and you can’t wait to slip back into bed. You try to get on with the day by popping pills or applying ointment but none of them give you that permanent relief you are seeking. Going under the scalpel seems to be the last resort. Sounds familiar? Well, surgery is not the only answer for your back pain woes, not when you have the Mckenzie method to fall back on!

The McKenzie method, also called the Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) was developed by the physical therapist Robin McKenzie of New Zealand during the late 50s. His concept included assessment, diagnosis and treatment for the spine and the like. You can read more about it here >>>

And it is his concept that we follow till today. So, the first step of this method is


If you visit any McKenzie method provider, you will first undergo a comprehensive assessment to identify the source of the pain. Unlike MRIs and X-Rays, this method will focus on the physical limitations and its related pain response. The provider will ask you to repeat a series of movements. These movements may cause pain and discomfort at the beginning, but after frequent repetition the pain will not only reduce, it may get centralized closer to the source. This centralization of the pain gives the provider the cue to develop the treatment plan.

Following the assessment, comes the


The McKenzie method of assessment classifies your back pain into three categories: Postural Syndrome, Dysfunction Syndrome and Derangement Syndrome. The treatment is done accordingly.

The McKenzie MethodPostural Syndrome is caused by poor posture. The treatment involves identifying which position is causing pain, followed by providing the proper posture to alleviate it. Generally proper sitting and standing positions are recommended.

The McKenzie MethodDysfunction Syndrome results from any internal damage or “adhesive tissue adherence” which is leading to difficult and painful full-range movement. Exercises which remodel the internal tissue to restore movement are recommended. You are likely to be asked to incorporate different kinds of lying postures.

Derangement Syndrome, if this is your problem you are likely to prefer some movements to others. Certain movements may give rise to pain. Corrective exercises will then be provided to you.

Treatment will give you the much needed relief but your long term goal should be


At the beginning, you may need to visit the McKenzie method provider quite a few times to get accustomed to the treatment method and postures. Once you have a full understanding of the methods, you can continue employing these methods to prevent back pain from coming back.

All said and done, the primary enquiry that you may have regarding this method is…

Is McKenzie method effective?

The McKenzie method is an effective method because it is customized to suit each patient. The self-treatment method is individualized and tailor-made according to the problems and lifestyle of each patient.

Well, when you have tried so many things for your back pain, why not try this one too? You never know, maybe this is the treatment your lower back was waiting for! 🙂 Find Out More >>>