Top 2 Back Pain Exercise Equipment That Can Aid In Effective Pain Management!

Choosing your Lower back pain exercise equipment carefully is of great importance because you are seeking relief from pain and a wrong choice can aggravate the condition!

Check out these 2 options:

back kitA Different Aid To Your Workout…

If you are tired of exercising with the regular medicine ball, then the very innovative Gaiam Strong Core And Back Kit Back Care Kit could be just the thing that you have been looking for. If you want to know about the different ways it can enhance your spine health, check out its attributes.

  • Its unconventional peanut-shape gives optimum support to the lower legs as well as to the spine.
  • You can stretch and support your spine to eliminate back pain.
  • It can also be used to tone and tighten the thighs, hips, and glutes.
  • It is easier to balance and thus, maintaining form with it gets simple.
  • The unique shape of the medicine ball makes it easier to handle and what’s more, it renders a connection to your core muscles with every movement you make.
  • With this unit, you can manage the intricacy of any workout simply by making minor adjustments to the pressure and placement of the ball.
  • Its centre cradle offers maximal comfort and support.
  • It comes equipped with Anti-Burst CoreFit Ab Ball which does not contain six of the most harmful phthalates.
  • It also comes with a DVD that incorporates two 10-minute workouts. As a bonus, it also offers abs workout which can be downloaded.
  • The “Core Focus” of the DVD targets the hardest to reach places which aids to build strength throughout the midsection, while the “Strong Core and More” renders more challenging moves that call for more control and concentration.
  • The “Back Pain Relief” provides a 10-minute stretch routine.
  • It also comes with ball pump.

The ball kit gains a very decent rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars at The users agree that the ball, as well as the DVD has been very helpful to burn their abdominal fat, as it also has been proved effective to soothe their back problems. However, a few users have mentioned that the DVD could have been a little more user friendly. More Info >>>

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A lower back exercising equipment for your workplace…

It doesn’t matter if you call it an ergonomic office chair, a Swiss egg chair, an ergonomic ball chair or simply an ErgoChair, the CalCore Fitness Brand Professional Physio Ball Chair For Office and Home could just be the thing that make sitting at work a better experience!

  • The ball chair was originally designed by a group of doctors, engineers and physical therapists who have used all the benefits of exercise ball.
  • The chair helps the body to sit up in the right position, and thus it aids to strengthen the abdomen muscles. It also soothes tensions in the neck area, which makes hours of sitting even more comfortable.
  • The abdominal muscles can be used to tilt the pelvis; this makes the lumbar spine even more flexed and extended until the balanced position of optimum function and firmness is reached.
  • You can adjust the height of the chair to a range of 17″ to 24″by inflating or deflating it.
  • It comes attached with a hand pump.
  • The egg ball can be taken out and used for exercising.
  • It is perfect for anyone who sits at desk for many hours.
  • It has a durable steel frame.
  • It is backed by a money back guarantee.

With nothing grave complained against it, this office chair gains a high stars rating at More Info >>>

Hope you find the suggestions on Lower back pain exercise equipment useful!