Treat That Threatening Lordosis Now Or Prepare To Go Under The Scalpel!

lordosisIs that damning lower back pain making your life miserable? Should you allow that incessant pain to mess up your routine and get the better of you? Certainly not! The first step is to check the source of your pain. Could it be Lordosis? If yes, then what are your options for relieving your pain? Find out before it’s too late!

What is Lordosis? How can it cause you lower back pain?

In medical parlance, Lordosis refers to the natural inward inclination of your lumbar and cervical spine. In itself Lordosis is harmless, it is the medical condition called ‘hyperlordosis’ that should grab your attention. When your spine is bent inwards at an extreme angle jutting into your abdomen, that’s when you have hyperlordosis. This condition is accompanied by terrible pain in your lower back because of your spine abnormality.

You have excessive lower back pain when you try to lift weight or squat. Long periods of sitting can also cause a case of hyperlordosis.

What are your options for treating hyperlordosis?

The first thing to do is visit your Doctor. It is he who can diagnose the extent of your hyperlordosis. Only then can you turn to treatment options to alleviate your pain.

When it comes to treating lower back pain because of hyperlordosis, you can choose from a variety of treatments. Some are non surgical, while a major chunk of back pain cases can be cured only surgically. Here’s a list of your options:

  • Over-The-Counter NSAIDs:  Your first option is the most sought after NSAIDs. These over the counter analgesics reduce your lower back inflammation. But you can’t depend on these painkillers for too long as these can have side effects.
  • Exercises – You can also seek relief from lower back pain caused due to hyperlordosis with a combination of exercises. The most obvious factor responsible for hyperlordosis is excess fat around your abdomen and bad posture. Doctors and physiotherapists prescribe a number of exercises to lose the excess fat. This in turn corrects your posture and strengthens your abdominal muscles. You can also incorporate various stretching exercises. These stretch your hips and ease the pain. But don’t overdo it. Go for sessions lasting not more than 30 minutes at a stretch. You don’t want an additional pain due to muscle injury!
  • Meditation and Yoga – Meditation and yoga have been proved medically helpful in easing your pain.  Proper breathing techniques combined with postures can also correct your hyperlordosis to an extent. Regular sessions of yoga and meditation can cure your pain. You can also combine yoga with regular physiotherapy sessions.
  • Surgery and Braces – When your condition is severe, your doctor may advise surgery. If not, he can suggest braces that you can wear to maintain correct postures and ease your back pain. You can also be fitted with metal rods during surgical operations.
  • Healthy lifestyle – The most important factor of course is to change your lifestyle. Incorporate a healthier lifestyle. Change your diet plans to shed excess weight. Be conscious when you sit, and avoid heavy work.

What you should never do in Case of Hyperlordosis:

  • Never ignore your pain, and don’t delay your appointment with the doctor.
  • Don’t indulge in overexercising yourself, and don’t overwork yourself.
  • The worst thing you could do is continuing to lift heavy things and squatting.

If you take adequate care of your pain from early on, you will avoid a whole load of hassles. So don’t ever compromise when it comes to your health, seek medical advice and treat that hyperlordosis now!


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