Unusual Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief

In the quest for a solution to a very common problem there have been numerous unusual exercises for lower back pain relief devised and “interesting” equipment inventions – here’s just a few of our favorites.

Whilst they may appear strange contraptions they’re all proven to work so worthy of serious consideration.

Back Bubble

Unusual Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief - Back Bubble

Baring a resemblance to a giant baby bouncer the Back Bubble, spinal decompression pain relief device raises more than a few eyebrows yet has remarkable effects on lower back pain.

The manufacturer boasts:

“For thirty years we have specialized in teaching patients how to relieve and rehabilitate their lower backs with The Back Bubble. The pain relief is immediate and you will notice an increase in flexibility. The Back Bubble will also align (adjust) your lower back and promote a more youthful back. It accomplishes this by using your own body weight to decompress your spine and gently stretch the surrounding muscles. This allows for the increased flow of fluids that push out inflammation and bring in oxygen—the body’s healing mechanism.

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The Back Bubble is also the only product that allows upright or inverted spinal decompression as well as the ability to stretch you in all directions that your body naturally moves. Medical studies and clinical findings both support the fact that The Back Bubble is an effective, comfortable, and easy to use device to get you out of pain and keep you out pain. Stop suffering needlessly. Order your Back Bubble today. You’re gonna love it!”

It’s very highly rated over on Amazon where reviewers have scored it an impressive 4.6 out of 5 stars and have published comments such as:

“Anyone that tries one will own one for life. ”

“I was skeptical and wanted to try it since I’ve been in pain and they offer a 30 day guarantee. All i an say is “buy it and see for yourself”. It really does what it claims to do!”

“The Back Bubble relieves my pain immediately every time I use it and I have to say my lower back has gotten much better since I have been using the device. ”

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The Back Bubble was invented by the man in the photos, Ronald Chases and has been featiured on TV and in medical publications throughout the world. It works by linking a purpose designed inflatable cushion with a heavy duty buoyancy spring in order to decompress the spine in the lower back area and to stretch the muscles around the area. It leaves the user semi-suspended and utilises the benefits of gravity to its advantage. The results can be instantaneous – relief from lower back pain in just seconds.

It also stimulates the body’s own natural healing process by pushing out inflammation whilst increasing blood flow and oxygen to the affected area.

The back Bubble has been officially classified as “back traction” and has been recommended by top healthcare practitioners. It’s proven to solve muscle pain, disc and facet issues and sciatic problems and is fully adjustable to make it suitable and effective for everyone with lower back pain of any description.

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