Weight control can maximize your back pain relief!!

weight loss for back pain reliefHave you ever stopped to think before cursing that lower back pain shooting up your spine? Fact is that those extra pounds around your tummy and hips might be making your back pain worse than before! You can continue to rely on heavy doses of analgesics, but is that really the best long-term treatment option or can you benefit further from weight control for back pain relief?

Not really, if we are being honest to ourselves. The problem lies elsewhere, so the solution also has to come from another source – that source is weight control.

Conscious weight control is an important and irreplaceable way to relieve that lower back pain.

Time for reality check…

What is the impact of obesity on Lower back pain conditions?

The moment your weight exceeds the ideal weight ratio, your muscles compensate for it and take on added pressure. Result:

  • Your muscles face extra strain while you try to carry out daily activities.
  • Extra load on your spine might dislocate your vertebral column.
  • Unnatural curvature of the spine to accommodate all that weight.
  • Strain on the lower back to compensate for the extra weight that pulls your pelvis forward.
  • Greater chances of herniated disc and other lower back abnormalities.
  • Osteoarthritis, lordosis, sciatica and other lower back aches.

So those extra pounds have definite bearings on the condition of your spine and your lower back disabilities.

Relationship between lower back pain and weight loss:

Weight loss can actually have manifold benefits for your back, not to mention, it can also cure that terrible pain!

Researchers have not reached a definite conclusion about the direct relationship between weight loss and lower back pain. Regardless, there is a unanimous agreement among medical professionals that simple everyday exercise can keep your weight in check and benefit your back pain.

So, how is weight loss good for your lower back pain?

Weight loss benefits include…

  • Prevention and cure of lower back pain.
  • Prevents heart diseases, diabetes and carcinogenic issues.
  • Allows you carry out normal everyday activities with élan!

Weight loss exercises that help lower back pain conditions:

Now that you know the major benefits of weight loss, try to incorporate easy to follow exercises like:

  • Relaxing and restorative exercises that help weight loss and back pain treatment. Try swimming, stretching etc. Pelvic tilts, cat-cow stretches and tai-chi etc. help.
  • Aerobic activities like water exercises, walking, cycling etc.
  • Stretches and flexibility exercises like yoga asanas can help reduce your abdominal fat effectively.

So, now that you know weight loss helps treat lower back pain, why wait? Get started with weight loss exercises right away!!  🙂