Why Massage Chairs Are THE Thing For Lower Back Pain?

A good back massage and your back pain is sorted and taken care of! While nothing can beat massage from a licensed therapist, an electronic substitute is also available to provide the same therapeutic effect. Yes, we are talking about the massage chair.

Find out more about the benefits of a good massage chair by clicking here or read on to find out why it can become indispensable in your daily life.

The Zero-Gravity “Novo” Ultra High Performance Full-Body Massage Chair for example is an ergonomically designed robotic massage chair that melts away stress, muscle soreness, and tension with three invigorating 15-minute auto massage programs and four professional massage techniques that include rolling, kneading, compression, and percussion. The chair reclines to 170° with an easy recline-release. It has a removable massage softening pad and a wired remote control which stores within easy reach along with a built in child safety lock.


  • It Helps To Align The Spine: A quality, reclining massage chair lessens the pressure on the spine by supporting your back in a horizontal position. As you know, misaligned vertebrae make nerves compressed. However, as the vertebrae supporting muscles relax, the spine stretches and regains its natural position.
  • Massage Chairs Allow You To Maintain Good Posture: Many people, after a session in the massage chair, have felt that their balance and posture have improved.
  • Massage Chair Relaxes Your Muscles: Massage chairs aim at particular muscles and utilize different types of
    strokes to alleviate pain. Once your muscles get relaxed, it allows your body to move with more mobility.
  • Endorphin and Massage Chair: Massage chairs can increase the level of endorphin. Endorphin is a naturally produced sedative chemical which can reduce anxiety.
  • Enhanced Lymphatic Flow: Massage chair also improves lymphatic and venous flow, as well as assists in circulation and absorption of nutrients into the tissues and muscles.
  • Privacy, Convenience and Time Efficiency: You can’t overlook these buying factors, can you?

Buying Guide For A Massage Chair

Now if you are well convinced that investing in a massage chair is well worth your money, will you like to have a buying guide? Well here it is:

  • Basic comfort: Certain chairs are likely to have a contour or shape that suits a specific user’s need or shape better.
  • Consider The Strength Of The Massage: If you need a vigorous massage, choose a chair with strong movements, as well as highly protruded components. If you are looking for a less intense massage, perhaps, a massage chair with gentler movements, small nodes and rollers will do you good.
  • Consider The Presets And Adjustability That It Offers: While some massage chairs may come with a preset that is specific to the problem area in the back, others may come with more variability. If you are purchasing a chair that many of the members of your family are going to use, you better buy a massage chair with a large range of adjustability.
  • Accessories: Specific massage chairs have a separate ottoman, or a leg-rest. In fact, some present day chairs even come with a leg-rest that has its own vibration/ massage capabilities.

You can choose a massage chair that suits your room décor. Last, but not the least, do make a budget before you buy one.

Looking For A Nice Unit For Your Money?

Then among the numerous massage chairs available in the market, you can have a look at the Zero-Gravity “Novo” Ultra High Performance Full-Body Massage Chair. You may like to check its attributes before considering it. Well….

  • The chair offers 3 stimulating auto massage functions.
  • It also comes with 4 professional massage methods.
  • Perfect stress buster.
  • It has a massage softening pad which can be detached as and when you wish.
  • The chair has wheels which allow for easy mobility.
  • Cool design, perfect to suit your room décor.
  • It comes in two colors: black and espresso.
  • Controller storage

The massage chair deservingly gains the ultimate rating of 5 out of 5 stars at Amazon.com. Reviewers testify to their happiness with the chair, and they also agree that the unit is perfect to deal with muscle stress. Do you want to save big with this buy? Then why don’t you visit Amazon.com and Find Out more >>>